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Putting a copy job on hold

Level 6
I do have several copy jobs which start after a backup job. The usual thing: Data is backuped to disk and copied to tape later.
Now I want to try a few jobs (~15) to backup directly to tape as I run out of disk space (and they probably will get faster, too).
To change the backup jobs from one device (B2D) to the other (tape) is quite easy, but I have no way to put the following copy jobs on hold. The only possibilty I can find is to delete them. That means I have to create them again when the try is not successful.
Any better ideas from the Gurus?


Level 6

Are you copying the jobs on existing backups or on scheduled backups? In case you are using the option to copy from an existing backup, you can go to the schedule tab within backup exec and check the option to put the job on hold.

Revert with details in case the above information does not correspond to your situation.

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