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RDX Cartridge not ejecting when full

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Coming here again for clarification, as not always happy with advice from support.

On all of our clients, we have the same Alert Catergories set to Insert Media to automatticaly clear after 2 minutes, with Respond of Cancel. My understanding is that if there is no Media present it will cancel the job, backup fails as expected and we get an alert via our monitoring ticket, we check and we see under Inventory Job either Empty or just shows nothing. This is fine.

Equally if a RDX disk is not changed for any reason, and there is not enough room, or retention is preventing the backup running, it should also cancel the job, again we get alert for failed backup, we check the files on Inventory Job, and previous history which shows the same files.

One client job was queuing for hours due to media not changed, so should of cancelled, we can set the timeout option's but we prefer it just cancel as it generates the alert quicker, rather than it sitting there waiting for Media.

So spoke to Veritas, and explained the issue on this one client only, and he said the the Cancel option is for the Alert and not the job, and i need to use the Scheduling options.

I dont think this is correct, but can anyone advise please.

I understand on multiple jobs, you would set the Scheduling options to avoid missed jobs, but this is one single job





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Please check following technote :

Upgrade Backup Exec to latest version :

Thanks and Regards