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Restore from tape used on a previous installation of backup exec failed to include in catalog



I had to reinstall the backup the backup exec on the server, the server was completely formated, all disks... so I lost the catalog and the database of backup exec. I have some tapes that was used to perform backup and now I am doing my new backups with no problem...

The problem is: I have a request to do a restore from a date that was used on my previous backup exec installation.. I have the tape inserted and did the inventory, I have associate the media set and did the catalog... in job monitor shows that the catalog was successfull, but when I try to perform a restore from this tape it says that I need to catalog first, the catalog is already done.. but still shows the same message.


Job Log for Catalog 00002
Completed status: Successful  
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Job Information 
Job server: BLU1MSBKP01
Job name: Catalog 00002
Job started: Wednesday, January 02, 2013 at 10:58:05 AM
Job type: Catalog
Job Log: BEX_BLU1MSBKP01_00119.xml
Drive and media mount requested: 1/2/2013 10:58:05 AM
Device and Media Information 
Drive and media information from media mount: 1/2/2013 10:58:05 AM
Drive Name: IBM 1
Media Label: Semanal-02
Media GUID: {9722c4c8-81f6-435f-8378-25d2ae9cb277}
Overwrite Protected Until: 12/30/9999 10:00:00 PM
Appendable Until: 12/31/1899 10:00:00 PM
All Media Used
Job Operation - Catalog  
Loading media-based catalog set list from the storage media.
Set Information - D: Data 
Backup of "D: Data"
Backup set #1 on storage media #1
Backup set description: ""
Job Completion Status 
Job ended: Wednesday, January 02, 2013 at 12:14:21 PM
Completed status: Successful
Is there something missing? What can I do to use this media and get my restore done? Please I need some clue on this...
Thank´s in advance
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HI, Which DATA u are going to


Which DATA u are going to restore.

Hi, Windows files, it is a


Windows files, it is a shared folder and the files are like sheets, zip etc.

refer -

refer - This is an old article so just keep in mind the BE Install Path etc. What you can do it retire the media and delete it , then Inventory and recatalog with the use storage media based catalog deselected and it should work.

It could be that your backup

It could be that your backup set spans a couple of tapes and you did not catalog the entire series of tape.  Make sure that you catalog the entire series of tapes.

PKH - why you are repeating

PKH - why you are repeating what Gurvinder Rait Said ?????


@ toshiaki.yamaguti

the Data backed up are written also in catalog folder,  if the catalog is deleated or renamed  you cannot perform restore at all

Run job catalog of each tape facing issue, if it fails rename the present catalog to catalog.old and try one more time new job catalog, if the issue still occur, check the adamm.log in  x/program files/symantec/ backup exec/logs  if there are some errors

also in event viewer if there are some relevant errors

Post also the error of job catalog and we'll find out what is going on

Good luck

What am I repeating???

What am I repeating???

I got another tape from 3

I got another tape from 3 weeks ago and that one worked... don´t know if the files was what the client expect but I did the restore with those files. I will have to wait an aswer from the client, if its ok I will just ignore this tape... if not, I will try those steps from that article, I found it very usefull. Also, what pkh says it´s related to this article but I believe that as this is a common issue (I didn´t knew that...) the aswer to that issue would be similar to that.

But thank you all for now, I still didn´t get the tape to work and I have just a standalone drive there and I can´t try now, I have a full backup to run on this weekend...