Slow backup in Solaris

Hi guys! I have a little problem, my company have a Windows Server with Backup exec 12.5 SP4 and all the clients in the other machines updated.
I have one computer with Solaris that the speed of the backup is really slow 4-6 MB per Minute, the machine is in the same network and switch than the others windows backups clients.

The speed copying a file manualy from Windows server to the Solaris is very, very faster than this rate (40MB per second). I test to copy a single file larger, and the same result.

The CPU usage in the moment of the copy is less than 5%.
This situation occurs since ever. Never works properly!!
Some idea???
Thank you!!
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Re: Slow backup in Solaris

Re: Slow backup in Solaris

Here are some of the suggestions

Within the job properties, change the following selections:

Advanced - Select the radio button for "Never" or "Without a lock" depending on how open files need to be treated for the job.

Linux, Unix, and Macintosh - Uncheck "Lock remote files"

Optional configuration options based on the environment:

If only one hard drive is mounted to the file system (e.g. only one drive for the local mount points) - Uncheck "Follow local mount point" under Linux, Unix, and Macintosh