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Symantec Backup Exec 12.5 file server backup over low bandwidth data link.

I would like to plan BE 12.5 file server backup which is located at remote site connected with 512kbps data link. I am having file server agent and can arrange seprate storage at remote site but would like to use single media server (located at Head Office). Please advise is it possible or do I need any other license.


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Hi, Why not load up BEWS on


Why not load up BEWS on that remote site, and then the remote console on your workstation? That will allow for remote management of the backups on that particular server.
That would be my suggestion, and it also avoids any unnecessary traffic moving across your WAN.


 There is no way that a

 There is no way that a remote agent can backup over that WAN link, and all data MUST pass through the media server, even if you have local storage at the remote site.

You will as CraigV mentioned, have to install a full copy of BE at that other site, and you can use CASO to manage both locations.

Now if you go to BE2010 you could possibly use the dedupe option to backup over the WAN, IF and IF ONLY you have a solid reliable link without many dropped packets and low latency

Hi imukadam, Any news here on

Hi imukadam,

Any news here on whether or not this helped...?