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The job failed with the following error: The directory is invalid.

Level 2

Every once in a while, I received the above error.  I found another post which I was unable to reply to with the same problem as me.  What can only be described as "strange Chinese characters" are in the filename and BE will not back it up.  The files do not exist in destination as named.

I am currently using BE 9.1 with the latest service pack.  The problem is not limited to one server and sometimes the error goes a week between failures, sometimes a few days.  In each case, there is no "pattern".  Sometimes, if the error occurs more then one backup in a row, running a "chkdsk /v" on the offending drive will stop the problem from reoccurring.

Other post with the same problem as me:
Exact error:
Directory not found. Can not backup directory \Program Files\\档獥潜慲汣⹥敮睴牯楫杮渮瑥牳v尀1\\
ģČе┘ǠеⰐκ\\ \ \刀οǕ\\ \ \ \鑈 and its subdirectories.


Level 4
Your backup job is corrupt.  Recreate it.  If you have an extensive selection list, you may be able to use the job template function to recreate the backup job more quickly.