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Unleashing Veritas Backup Exec 21.2 with up to 100X faster VM backup performance

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We are excited to announce the availability of Veritas Backup Exec 21.2 with accelerated Virtual Machine backups, integration with Microsoft Azure Stack HCI platform, ability to protect Microsoft SQL In-Memory OLTP databases, enhanced in-product help experience, easy setup for S3-compatible storage, and more.

Backup Exec 21.2 Accelerator v2

Backup Exec 21.2 Accelerator v2 combines two key technologies to accelerate backup performance:

  1. Forever incremental backups (Accelerator v1)
  2. Advanced in-line deduplication for up to 100X VM backup performance across VMware vSphere, Hyper-V, and Azure Stack HCI.

Forever incremental processing removes the need to capture full backups, thus enabling faster processing and smaller backup windows while reducing the impact to shared virtual environments. In-line deduplication optimizes data movement by eliminating the need to re-send data segments that already exist in the deduplication database.

Together they accelerate backups to a new level without taking anything away from restores – all Backup Exec’s key capabilities can be leveraged with Accelerator v2 backups, including:

  • Hypervisor-level integration via the VMware Virtual Disk API and Microsoft Resilient Change Tracking
  • Restore at any level: VM, application, object and file & folder
  • Instant Recovery of Windows and Linux Virtual Machines
  • Recovery Ready automated testing of Virtual Machine restores
  • InstantGRT for optimized VM metadata collection
  • Application-aware deduplication for optimized processing

Microsoft SQL In-Memory OLTP backups

Microsoft SQL is at the core of many customer’s operations and continuously adds capabilities to meet evolving business needs. Microsoft SQL in-memory On-Line Transaction Processing (OLTP) is aimed at high-performance operations that require in-memory processing.

With Backup Exec 21.2, we can now protect in-memory OLTP databases to keep all the high-performance data that runs modern businesses safe.

Azure Stack HCI Integration

Backup Exec adds Day 1 support for Microsoft’s new Azure Stack HCI platform to enable everyone to take full advantage of the hybrid cloud without compromises.

Backup Exec integration with Azure Stack HCI enables full capabilities, including:

  • Resilient Change Tracking (RCT) integration
  • Accelerator v2 for lightning-fast backup performance
  • Instant Recovery and Recovery Ready automated testing
  • InstantGRT for optimized VM metadata collection
  • Instant Cloud Recovery for Azure-based DR
  • Automated discovery of new VM instances
  • VM disk-exclusion

Check out our announcement blog here.

S3-Compatible Storage Configurator

S3 stands for Simple Storage Service. With Backup Exec 21.2, we further simplify the configuration of S3-compatible storage services by introducing a configuration wizard as an alternative to the Backup Exec command Line Interface (BEMCLI) configuration.

Enhanced in-product web-based help

The updated web-based help platform ensures you always have access to the latest help documentation within the Backup Exec interface.

Backup Exec 21.2 Availability

Backup Exec 21.2 is available now. Install and Upgrade media can be obtained through Veritas Download Center.

For more information on Backup Exec, including trialware, please visit