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Here's the seqence of events :

1. Create Full Exchange backup using Agent - Success

2. Do Incremental Backup using agent - Sucess

3. Do Full backup using Virtual-based agent - Success

4. Do Incremental Backup using agent - FAILS - V-79-57344-862


Why am I getting this error ?

Backup Exec should know that I did use the windows backup agent for the previous backup in spite of the pact that I did a full backup by VM.

I don;t have this issue when I use VSphere Replication to back up a VM

How do I work around this ?




Please correct me if i am wrong but does the job log shows a message indicating that the last Full Backup was not done by the Exchange Agent?
If so then the error message is correct as you run a VM backup which broke the chain of the Exchange Agent backup.

My suggestion would be to either:
- run the VM backup prior of the Exchange Agent Full backup and not between the Incremental backups
- run after each VM backup first an Exchange Agent Full backup.

ok - thanks - I'll have a look at  the schedule

I have the exact issue and i do not have any Windows Backup as suggested in the answer above it happens every other week or just this week, all the time.  your logic makes sence in the way when i run the full backup the incremental stops doing this for 3 or 4 days and then wam i start to get this crap.  

I do not have any windows agent running nothing , in fack windows backup is not installed on my exchange serves. 


I have not referred to Windows backup, my response is based on the fact that there was a mixture of VM based backup and Exchange (Remote Agent) backups which caused the conflict.
Is your Exchange on a virtual machine? 
Are you running VM backups and separate Exchange backups?
Can you provide more info about the exact error you are getting, the environment and how you are backing up the machine and Exchange.


Also just need to check the retention period of your full backups, just to ensure they haven't expired before the next full backup is run.

My final solution was to give up on Backup Exec

I could not have a system that was so inconsistent

I ended up with VEEAM and am very happy with it



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Did you try the virtual based VM backup with use "VSS copy backup selected" ? ( Refer attached screenshot which is taken from Job Settings). 

1. Create Full Exchange backup using Agent - Success
2. Do Incremental Backup using agent - Sucess
3. Do Full backup using Virtual-based agent - Success ( suggest to run this with VSS copy backup selected and check the result of next agent based exchange database backup)
4. Do Incremental Backup using agent - ?

Help section for that setting  -

Use VSS Copy backup

Select this option to enable Backup Exec to perform a VSS copy backup instead of a full backup. If you do not select this option (by default not selected), Backup Exec performs a full VSS backup. The VSS Provider initiates snapshots using the Full backup type setting. Each application responds differently to this request. For example, iIn the case of Microsoft Exchange, the database logs are truncated if this option is not selected.