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V-79-57344-959 - Unable to open the item Database - skipped.

Dear all,

We are started to using Backup Exec 2015 to backup Exchange 2013 Servers. The backup tasks are success to backup the Mailbox Servers, Databases in the DAG, and also CAS Servers.

But when we try to restore mail items, the jobs are failed and we have the following errors

in the Job Status:

Final error: 0xe0003bf - Cannot open one or more mail messages because of unknown Exchange Web Service errors.

in the Errors:

V-79-57344-959 - Unable to open the item Database - skipped.

V-79-57344-959 - Unable to open the item Database - skipped.

V-79-57344-959 - Unable to open the item Test Message @1302 - skipped.


Any one have encounter the same errors when restore Exchange 2013 mails?


Regards & Thx

2 Replies

This error is usually some

This error is usually some some kind of authentication or block by security policy limitation against accessing EWS (IIS based) on the Exchange server, This process is only used during a restore hence the backup itself works. Customers that experience this error have usually managed to sucessfully restore by redirect to PST (supported Outlook version on a system with our Agent for Windows installed is required) which again does show the backup worked but is really a workaround and not a solution.


When we have looked into these cases for customers, and enabled EWS debugging within our remote agent, we have found that the request to access the EWS over internet protocols is being denied with a message recorded of

"The request failed. The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized."

Now the 401 error is something that can be seen in web browsers when trying to access secured sites - so is not a Backup Exec message and  is more or less stating that we are being denied access by something outside of Backup Exec's direct control.

You may need to prove that you do have the same status, however if you do then it is likely that Microsoft will need to be involved to found the restriction as they may be able to track the denial from logs in the IIS, Exchange or AD environment. Mind you make sure you check the credentials specified in the restore job do have the required Exchange permissions before doing anything else.






Re: This error is usually some


my workaround:

Set registry key of all Exchange Server:


New-ItemProperty HKLM:\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Lsa\MSV1_0 -Name "BackConnectionHostNames" -Value "DAG DNS Name","Autodiscover DNS Name" -PropertyType multistring