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backup strategy

Hi I am a new user of Veritas Backup Exec for windows server. The version I am using is 10.1d.
I hope you guys can suggest me how I can work this out.
We have a file server, which has data that needs to be backed up. Earlier I was using ntbackup utility and I used to back up data weekly. Like running normal backup on monday followed by incremental backp till saturday. Then that weeks backup would be stored, and fresh backup would start for another week.
The data in file server needs to be backed up and have to be stored for a long term, so I thought taking backup weekly and storing it would help me. However, I do not know which strategy to follow. Please suggest.

Nishad Subba.
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Re: backup strategy


How lond do you plan to store the backups? Accordingly you can set the backup strategies.

As per the admin guide above, check the chapter on media management and look for 'grandfather-father-son' strategies.