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driver pack installs, then rollback and says I cancelled !

Level 2
Installing DAT72 SATA with Veritas 10d QS.
Drive recognized by Windows, not by Veritas.

Tried many times to install the newest driver pack (285593) and everytime,
the install works until it says "Running the symantec device installer",
then immediately after it rolls back to the start, telling me "The wizard was
interrupted before Symantec Device Drivers for Windows Servers could be completely installed. Your system has not been modified, To complete installation at another time, please run setup again.".

In the past 2 weeks, I exchanged emails with both Quantum and Symantec, ending up being told they can't support me via email since it's not an installation problem.

Please help !!!

System is using Windows 2003 Server SP1
512M 3Ghz P4

Level 6
Hi Luc,

If you check with the HCL, is this device supported by Veritas? I'd post the link.. but since the terrible site resdesign I haven't been able to find anything.

In general, devices not supported by Veritas do still work, however, the Driver installer, which installs a Veritas driver, is pointless in this case, as there is no Veritas driver for the device.

If you install the OEM driver, and try to run the Device wizard from Veritas, does it detect it at all?

Level 2
The SATA Quantum DAT72 drive came with Veritas 10d QS.
I tried both the veritas drivers and the drivers on Quantum site.

Symantec doesn't want to support me, saying they only handle "installation" of the software, and they consider my issue is not part of the "installation" process.

I don't know if this answer is typical of Symantec, but I will certainly start searching for a provider that support his products and can stand behind them, not only say "go use the support forums". I am really pissed at Symantec.

But to answer your question, I tried both symantec and quantum drivers, and none work, that's precisely why I am trying to install the 285593 driver pack...... and it keeps uninstalling itself right after installation.

Please help !