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Hi All I am fairly new to the Backup Exec solution. I would really appreciate some advice on the following problem. Problem Upon purchasing the following product Manufacturer and model LaCie 2big Network Software version Linux Processor armv5tejl Am trying to backup this NAS box to our current in place Symantec Backup Exec 12.5 REV2213 How would i do this? I have given our NAS box an IP address so it sits on our network, apart from that I have no clue what so ever on how to start backing this up to our backup Exec 12.5 Any tips guides would be mushily appreciated. Kind Regards

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You would need to install a RAWS serial on your media server (even though you cannot install the RAWS on the NAS)

Then create a User Defined Share using the IP and share name(s) you have created


Level 3
How would I install the RAWS serial on the media server.

In regards to the User Defined Share, is this done from the main DOMAIN of Backup Exec if SO how is this done?

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I read the BacKUp Exec Manual. I went to TOOLS - Install Remote Agents on other media Servers

Typed in the IP ADDRESS of where the NAS box sits on, nothing happened. Another question

Even though the NAS box is on our network, as it sits on a particular IP Address, do i need to connect this to our Domain, as upon speaking to LaCie who we purchased this from, they have mentioned we are unable to connect this to our Domain, as our Domain has.internal in there.

Hope this helps

Kind Regards

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If you want to backup the NAS here is what you need to do. (This assumes no agent on the NAS. No RAWS serial required)
  1. Verify the account that will be used to backup the device. If the NAS is not in the domain make a local account on the NAS and the BE server. Use this account for backups.
  2. From Backup Exec Click on Tools > Options > Network and Security > Check Enable Backup of User Shares
  3. Create a selection list. One way is to right click on User Defined Selections and select Manage User Defined Selections Add the NAS via its unc name \\nas\share
This will allow you to run backups, but there are issues. Every job will complain that the remote agent is not loaded. You might have to play with differential backups, to get them to work, try using dates, not archive bits.

A piece of advice for this install, or anyone else with a NAS. Pick a NAS that supports a RALUS agent. This will dramatically increase the speed of  backups. I am not sure if the Lacie supports it, but I know that SNAP servers are supported, and NETGEAR products as well. It is well worth any premium if you have any concerns about backup windows.

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Actually you will need a RAWS serial number to do a share level backup or if the Linux version is supported a RALUS serial number - along with locally installing RALUS on the Linux OS (push installs not supported to Linux)

So Mark_Mc is partially correct apart from the bit about the serial number. Also NDMP cannot be enabled on the NAS (if it supports it) to do a share level backup.