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NetApp NDMP - Cloudpoint Integration With Netbackup Policy Configuration

Level 3

Netbackup version: 8.2
Cloudpoint version: 2.2

Hello guys!
I'm having trouble configuring a Netbackup policy with Cloudpoint for a Storage NetApp.
Could someone please send me a step by step to configure this type of policy in Netbackup?


Level 2

@Mr__Backup_Man You can follow these steps

Configure CloudPoint with your NetBackup Master

  1. On the NetBackup Admin Console, go to Media and Device Management > Credentials > Snapshot Management Server
  2. Next, right-click in the right pane and select "New Snapshot Server". Enter your CloudPoint 2.2 server details to add it to the list.
  3. After a successful addition, select the entry from the list and you'll see another pane opening up on its right. Right-click and select "New CloudPoint Plugin"
  4. Select NetApp from the list. Provide a friendly id, the ONTAP cluster management IP (IPv4 only), username and password and then add the plugin
  5. Give the plugin a couple of minutes to discover all NetApp assets.
  6. And you're done.

Create and configure a new Standard policy

  1. Go to Policies and create a new Standard policy (policy type = Standard)
  2. Under the attributes tab, select "Perform Snapshot Backups"
  3. Then, click on options and select method = VSO from the list that shows up in the pop-up dialog.
  4. Select snapshot type = COW. Select the right snapshot management server. Set a value for maximum snapshots.
  5. Select "Retain snapshot...." if you have configured an SLP with the policy.
  6. Next, create a schedule as per your requirements.
  7. Go to the "Clients" tab, add clients that you want to protect. These clients should have NetApp volumes mounted on them. Supported protocols in CloudPoint 2.2 are iSCSI, FC and NFS.
  8. After adding the clients, go to Backup Selections. Click on "New" > "Browse" and select the mount points to protect.
  9. Finally, click on "OK" and let the policy validation complete.

That's how you can configure a NetApp cluster with NetBackup via CloudPoint integration.