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[Snapshot Manager] Inconsistency between Cloud and Storage sections

Level 4

Looking for help, please.

My situation is the following: 
I was faced with an enviroment with an old CloudPoint server that failed on upgrading, resulting in the loss of the images and configuration.

Upon fresh installation of a new VM of the Snapshot Manager 10.3, i promptly configured the Cloud Section of the Web UI Primary server and added the provider configuration (Azure). All the permissions have been granted to the Snapshot Manager regarding Azure.
Protection Plans created, protected assets selected.

Problem is, even thou the jobs are coming through with status 0, i am unable to find any recovery points for the assets.
Also, upon investigation, i found on the Storage -> Snapshot Manager section, that the Primary Server is configured as a Snapshot Server, with the old version (10.0). This was done on the old configuration and i have no idea as to why it is present there. Trying to connect does not work, error code 25 as well as retrieving version information.

Trying to add the new Snapshot Manager will result in Entity alredy exists error message.

Could this storage configuration be related? If so, any suggestions as how to fix it?
(I am also unable to delete the old Cloudpoint from the Web UI, but it is disabled)

Primary server version is 10.3
New Snapshot Manager is 10.3
Old Cloudpoint was 10.0, already decomissioned.

Thank you!