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Encountering 'Volume is not available' Error in CloudPoint Backup Jobs

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I have faced issue while using Veritas CloudPoint for data protection. Whenever I try to run a backup job, I encounter the following error: "Volume is not available."

This error message appears in the CloudPoint interface, preventing the backup job from completing successfully. Even after  diligently following the troubleshooting steps outlined in the CloudPoint documentation provided by Veritas, I am not  able to resolve this issue.

I'm currently using CloudPoint version 2.1.3.

The backup target is an AWS S3 bucket configured with the following settings:

  • Bucket name: "cloudpoint-backups"
  • Region: "us-west-2"

The bucket is configured with appropriate access permissions to allow CloudPoint to write backup data.

The bucket is configured with the Standard storage class for optimal performance and durability.

Server-side encryption with AWS Key Management Service (KMS) is enabled to ensure data security during storage.

The bucket is configured with lifecycle policies to automatically transition objects to the Glacier storage class for long-term archiving. For more information on AWS S3 bucket configuration, checked  AWS S3 documentation .

The CloudPoint server is deployed in a hybrid environment with on-premises servers and cloud resources. The network configuration includes firewall rules and VPN connections to facilitate data transfer between the CloudPoint server and the backup target.

Any advice or guidance on resolving this error would be immensely helpful.


Thank you in advance !



Thank you