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MultiNICB Test Addresses

Level 3
I believe that MultiNICB, if not using IPMP, only requires one test address per interface. IPMultiNICB would be used to manage an application VIP.

The bundled agents guide states that the test addresses must only be used by MultiNICB, and since the addresses are not failed over, do not use them for administrative purposes.

Other than that, does using the test addresses, for admin purposes, interfere with MultiNICB? Since I have 2 interfaces, if one dies, why not just come in the other for admin purposes?

Level 6
Accredited Certified
I have asked the doc writers to update the doc on this. You need only one IP address per port that is fixed to that port (brought up at boot). Then use IPMNic to hadle the floating IP. The Sun docs are sort of confusing on this issue also ans refer to having both admin and test IPs (2 addresses per port) plus any virtual addresses for the apps.