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Implement VCS I/O Fencing

Hi,Is that I need to have Cluster Volume Manager (CVM) enabled/installed in order to use the VCS I/O Fencing?Initially I thought of I/O Fencing is just involved Coordinator Disk, however, I have read about the Data Disks also will be involved.Is I/O ...

Sean_- by Level 5
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MultiNICB Test Addresses

I believe that MultiNICB, if not using IPMP, only requires one test address per interface. IPMultiNICB would be used to manage an application VIP.The bundled agents guide states that the test addresses must only be used by MultiNICB, and since the a...

Resource Type - NumThreads question

I have a service group with 205 volume and mount resources. A switchover can take well over 10 minutes. Will increasing NumThreads on Volume + Mount speed this up?The 4.0 book says NumThreads Default = 10. However, hatype for Volume and Mount li...

Resource monitoring has timed out

We keep getting the following messages from VCS monitoring. Any one else seen these before and how can these be fixed? Are they caused because the resource being monitored i.e. the disk groups/disks under high I/O and they fail to respond to the moni...

Is I/O Fencing applicable in this scenario?

Current Scenario -2-nodes VCS cluster version 4.0 and Solaris 8 OS2 units of SAN Storage (mirrored across each other using VERITAS Volume Manager) The 2-nodes cluster are connected via ISL The 2 units of SAN storage are connected via FC ISLMy questio...

Sean_- by Level 5
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vxdg free inconsistent between 2 nodes

hi,just added a new lun to an Oracle RAC cluster and added the new lun to a dg.the issue i have is that both servers don't give me the same answer wheni run: vxdg -g xxx freeOne of then can't see the free space newly allocated to the dg...Any ideas ?...

Oracle Rac and IPMP Solaris 9

We had a firewall router issue on last friday about 3:13 pm. Around that same timeI have this message in messages May 5 15:13:30 hostname in.mpathd: All Interfaces in group ipmp1 have failedthen two hours later, I see this is messagesMay 5 17:27:1...

Adding additional SQL nodes

Having had a look at the Solutions Guide of SQL, I'm unclear on whether it's possible to add an additional node to an SQL cluster. The Exchange Solutions Guide clearly gives instructions on adding additional nodes, but with SQL, the instructions all ...

Is there a VCS online tutorial available ?

Hi:Is there an online tutorial available to educate users onhow to use VCS ?Is this information already available in the man pages ?I am currently using the VCS User's Guide,but in some cases the examples are incomplete.ThanksJohn

VCS Java GUI - Background

Is there any way we can change the back ground on a VCS Java GUI to be plain white instead of the current set up (which has with varying hues of green from top to bottom)? It would make screen shots for presentations look more clean.

Where can I find list of VCS Error and Warning messages ?

Hi:Where can I find a list of all Veritas Cluster Server Error and Warning messages along with Recommended Actions to resolve the errors and warnings ?Does such a list exist for Veritas Cluster Server ?I searched through the VCS documentation but can...

Questions about v4.0 LVMVG agent

Hi,These questions all pertain to the following environment: AIX 5.2 and 5.3 (with native LVM) and VCS v4.0 w/ MP3.Does the LVMVG bundled agent support jfs2 files systems?Also, pertaining to default behavior, when an offline action is initiated for a...