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Can you Post the article number for JRE upgrade

Level 4

I am looking to install the canned version of Java to the latest patched version of Java / JRE.

Can you direct me to the technical article for the upgrade process, please.

Thank you


Level 4


@CraigeH is this an internal note it does not show up in the knowledgebase?

Hi Rod,

Unfortuantley we do not support indepenantly upgrading the underlying third party components of Data Insight.

Without full testing, we cannot be sure that an upgrade won't affect DI. 

The next release of DI will have the latest secure versions incorporated and will be fully tested.

Is there a process to have the ability to upgrade the third party components of the application independent of the application upgrade into the roadmap enhancements under the product roadmap?

Obviously many customers would be security conscious and with the risk landscape we see today their having the ability to patch in place for current CVEs or outstanding vulnerabilities would be a necessity to avoid risk.


Thank you.