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DI integration with EV

Level 0

I’m doing DI-EV workflow tests. I’ve set up everything between the 2 tools, but despite numerous attempts to archive a file or the folder, I’m receiving  the same error on DI side (version 6.5.0).

“[Exception in method Archive:System.ServiceModel.FaultException`1[]: The File System Archiving task service failed to start. Check that the File System Archiving task service is enabled in the configuration file, <Enterprise_Vault_installation_folder>\EvFSAArchivingTask.exe.config. (Fault Detail is equal to]”

There is not much on this error on the VERITAS site:

The site states that the error occurs at random and suggest re-submission. I’d done that many times, but the error is not random but consistent. 

Is there any solution to it?

Thank you Tomasz