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Information studio versus Netapp OCI

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Hi there,

can someone shed some light about the how Information studio compares with Netapp OCI?


Thank you


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Hello Alex,

I believe NetApp OnCommand Insight focuses on providing information on your infrastructure, vs
Veritas Information Studio provides insights on your data for privacy and regulatory purposes. Sandra Moulton wrote a great blog on this topic on VOX.

I would compare NetApp OnCommand Insight to Veritas APTARE IT Analytics. It provides infrastructure IT Analytics for your storage and backup environment. The big difference between APTARE and NetApp OnCommand is that APTARE focuses on ANY storage and ANY backup infrastructure, it is designed from ground up to provide interoperability for a wide range of products and technologies. This allows APTARE IT Analytics to identify quickly hot areas and bottlenecks.

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OnCommand Insigh too can collect, analyze, monitor, perform an end-to-end data path analysis no matter what the storage infrastructure is using their native "command" methods and agentless.
Furthermore OCI can collect everything from vServer, Hyper-V or KVM virtualized environment.