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DLO 9.3.1 - BOI (Backup Over Internet)

Level 5

Hello friends,
I am in a DLO 9.3.1 POC, what I need to prove is the BOI.
On the client PC that came out of the LAN I get that if it finds the Edge Server available, which was already published (NAT), but when I add a new file I do not see it reflected in the backup console.

I am using the default settings, attached screens for reference.

from client Edge Server reacheablefrom client Edge Server reacheable

Server Perimetral config defaultServer Perimetral config defaultEdge Server config defaulEdge Server config defaulPlease your help in this.


Level 4

Hello Javier,

Once a DLO client is disconnected from the LAN, and if BOI is correctly configured, the client status should state that it is working in "BOI Mode". This status is reflected in the bottom right of the DLO Client Console. If BOI is not configured correctly, then the status would be "Working Offline". I would suggest that you check that BOI is configured correctly as per the DLO Setup Guide here:

Should this still present issues for you, I would suggest to raise a support case with us.

Kind Regards,