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Useful Desktop Laptop Option 9.7 Links

DLO Readme : v9.7DLO License GuideDLO Install Prerequisites : v9.7Quick Reference Guide for DLO Installation and Configuration : v9.7Administrator's Guide (EN) : v9.7Software Compatibility List : v9.7Hardware_Compatibility_List : v9.7How to use VxUpd...

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DLO is multitenant?

Hi,In this link we can check the requirements that the server or VM should have: point is; If there is a partner that wants to offer a "DLO-as-a-Servi...

Veritas DLO Desktop Agent has stopped working.

Veritas DLO Desktop Agent has stopped working.We have the issue the program dont work correctly:1. Re-install de applicacion dont work.2. Install with troubleshooting configuration.3.We use windows 10 Enterprise and  Veritas DLO 9.2The other users do...


DLO 9.3.1 - BOI (Backup Over Internet)

Hello friends,I am in a DLO 9.3.1 POC, what I need to prove is the BOI.On the client PC that came out of the LAN I get that if it finds the Edge Server available, which was already published (NAT), but when I add a new file I do not see it reflected ...

edge_reacheable.PNG Server_perimetral.JPG edge_server.JPG

Dedupe engine offline

I did find a thread talking about the "Dedupe engine offline" error, but still could not get the problem resolved, so started a new discuss here.In DLO Agent, when it was trying to backup, got error "Dedupe engine offline", then could not work at all...

Joe0 by Level 1
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Connect to DLO Administration Server

Hello Friends,While I'm working on the console, the window to enter the connection credentials with the administration server is constantly appearing, although this is an all-in-one server, including the DB and the console. Sometimes I should enter t...

Error Connect.PNG

DLO 9.1 Corrupt encryption key (E0140005)

Hello Friends,I have this problem with several agents: (The desktop agent can not start because the Network User Data Folder is unreadable or corrupt encryption key E0140005). Also every time the console starts, a message appears asking to make a DIS...

Backup completion 0%

The agent is constantly active and if I go and look at the backup themselves it shows that it is backing up the correct files.If I log onto the computer it shows that it is working online connected and "Files are protected"The only problem is that in...

DLO 9.0 SP1 unexpected reboot during agent push

Hello,We are upgrading our DLO enviroment from 7.6 SP1 to 9.0 SP1. We`ve used 7.6 SP1 agents on Windows 10 build 1709 machines without problems.I am facing an issue, that during push agent procedure to W10 computer with 7.6 agent previously installed...

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Dedupe disk is full. DLO

How i can move files from first DSL folder to second DSL folder on same Dedupe Server?I tried move Network Folder of users to second folder. Process created a strucrure. Files didn't move.How can i move this files without corrupting backuped data?

DLO (backup)

Once the agent is installed on the client (WS), the entire desktop is backed up. Question: Is a backup made as an image? Is the files backed up? What would recovery be like at the time of restoration?