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Migrate DLO in BE 2010R3 to lastest version AND move to new server

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I just purchased 20 seats of the latest version of DLO for a client, who is moving to a new server and is currently running DLO as part of Symantec Backup Exec 2010 R3 on the old server.   The new version of DLO has not been installed on the new server as yet.  The new server already has Veritas BE 16 installed and configured. 

I am trying to get some direction on how best to proceed. I have looked through a few KB articles and nothing I'm seeing quite fits the situation.

 Should I (or can I even) upgrade the old server first to the lastest edition of DLO, then perform a migration to the new server?

  or is there some way I can migrate the existing storage locations and DB to the new version on the new server, and then upgrade them in-place without having to install the old version of DLO?

These would seem to be the better options as I would rather not install the old version of DLO on the new server if I don't have to. 

I don't belive I can install it as a standalone anyway and not as part of BE (since I already have the new edition of BE installed, I don't want to mess up).  But if I can somehow install it standalone, then this would give me another option for doing this.   I could install the old DLO on the new server, migrate the storage and DB over, and then upgrade to the new version.

 I would however rather keep the new server as clean as possible and not install an old version of DLO on it if I can avoid it, so it seems like one of the first two options would be best.

Thoughts anyone?





Level 3


 Well I think I've found my answer.   I need to upgrade the old server to Symantec DLO 7.6, then to Veritas DLO 9.0 SP1, then migrate.

 Only problem now is locating a copy of 7.6; anyone?

 Veritas site only has back to 8.0. i think I'll download that and see if you can upgrade with that although the 9.0 notes state that you need to use 7.6



Looks like I am set; DLO 8.0 SP4 notes state that it's possible to upgrade BE DLO 2010R3.