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How to migrate the old NBU 8.0 master server RHEL 5.9 to new NBU 8.0 master server with RHEL7.3

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I have a typical situation where I need to migrate the NetBackup Master server (Stand alone) with version 8.0 and OS at RHEL 5.9. The new master server is NetBackup version 8.0(stand alone) installed and with OS RHEL 7.3(VM). This will allow us to upgrade the OS to new support version and NBU 8.1 version requires RHEL 6 and above.

But in our old NBU Master server we have decommissioned  all the media servers and the Tape libraries and converted the old master server physical machine to a VM. We have just the tape catalogues sitting in it.  This is required for future Restores only. So we need to move/migrate the old master server to new master server.

So, to restore the data on the tapes in future, do we just need to migrate the tape catalogue to new master server? Assuming that the license will be installed for the Tape devices. and media server licenses.

Do we need to keep the same host name for the new one or not required?

Please help me with the high level steps to achieve this.



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There are a few options for migration, all of the ones you can do yourself would require the SAME NAME for the master on the new server.  

These one that you would be able to do, is a simple catalog backup and restore to the new master..  

You may also be able to find an older version of the NetBackup Server Migrator Tool, that supported 8.0 could work..  Latest version supports 8.1 onwards..

If you want to have a different name for the new server then you either need to get professional services to help you or use a tool like our Tranzman tool (but these would both be paid for options...).