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Symantec Laptop and desktop

Level 1

I have a question about DLO backup. We have Symantec Laptop and Desktop 7.6 installed on our server for file backups. Can you can access backups that are older than the most recent backup? Right now I only see the option to restore files/folders from the most recent backup. We need one from a day or two before.



Level 4


Yes, you can maintain the revision of your backed up files using the Revision Control functionality in DLO.

Revisions are versions of a file at a specific point in time. You configure revision settings when you create a backup selection. When a file is changed and backed up, DLO stores a new revision. DLO will store and maintain a specific number of revisions for all files in a backup selection. Because backup selections are configured separately, the number of revisions retained in each backup selection can vary.

When the number of revisions is exceeded, DLO removes the oldest revision, maintaining only the specified number of revisions in the Desktop and network user data folders.