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Useful Desktop and Laptop Links

Adminstrator's Guide (EN) 9.5Best PracticesQuick Reference Guide for DLO Installation and ConfigurationInstall PrerequisitesSoftware Compatibility ListHardware Compatibility ListSizing CalculatorQualification Details with Cloud Service Providers (Mic...

klauskresnik by Moderator
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Hello All, on this thread dated on January 2013 there is information about the new features in DLO7.5.    We are in April 2013 and nothing is going on, on the Symantec inline configurat...

kmouline by Level 3
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Resolved! DLO 7.0 feature doubts

Hi, I have just started learning about some DLO technical features. I would really appreciate if you can answer some of my doubts refered to Desktop and Laptop software: -Does DLO require domain arquitecture for backups? In case of having clients out...

nesmac by Level 3
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Resolved! DLO 7.5 New Features?

I am currently running a DLO 7.0 setup on my corporate network. I just received an e-mail about the new 7.5 upgrade, but have been unable to find any documentation on the new features of the upgraded software. Is there a list of changes/additions any...

Gregg_J by Level 3
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DLO 7.5 Questions

Read through the readme and admin guide, and still have questions about this mysterious dedupe service. The admin guide recommends creating a regular domain account for accessing it (page 128/129).  How does this account and credentials get applied t...

NIzk99 by Level 2
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DLO Agent icon on windows 7

After instalation of DLO agent ver 7.0 icon is not visible , initially we can see the icon but after logout or reboot the icon gets dissapered . We can note that processes is running in task manager but icon doesnt appear even by clicking from progra...

ssayeed by Level 0
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Resolved! Backup Exec DLO 2010 - migration.

Hi,   I migrated Backup Exec DLO 2010 Media server to another Server with different name and also I transferred all backup data from old server to server, After that, I ran below command to move all clients from old DLO media server to New DLO server...

NBU_13 by Level 6
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only seeing one copy of backup files

hello all, i have a number of laptop users using DLO for their backups. if i look in DLO under Restore, i can only see one copy of the files that are being backed up- rather than the last three backups that were completed, for example.  so i'm not ab...

Matt26 by Level 3
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Boot Guard

Hello I performed a system recovery using a Toshiba Driver CD.  During the reboot phase, BootGuard started flashing in the left hand corner.  I tried the system recover 3 times and this BootGuard is preventing the recovery to proceed.  I have read, c...

Symantec DLO 7.0 console is not opening...

Hi, For one of my client, we migrate Backup Exec 2010 DLO to Symantec DLO 7.0 its worked fine for some time, after that its very slow to backup data to storage location and also its very slow to open Symantec DLO 7.0 console, after few days, Symantec...

NBU_13 by Level 6
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Resolved! DLO 6.1 MP7 compatable with Server 2012?

I can't seem to find anything specific about DLO 6.1 being supported with Server 2012 - the only documentation i can find predates server 2012 so that's not much help. Also need to put Backup Exec on the server, (but not for use with the DLO) i saw a...

Gordio by Not applicable
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Resolved! DLO Installation on DC.

  HI All   Query : due to shortage of Hardware one of our Costumer want to Install Symantec DLO on Domain Controller.   Is Symantec  support above scenario, if not then what should be the reason behind that.   Thanks in advance.     Regards,   Vinay ...

vinayy by Level 4
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