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Hello All

Recently we encountered certain situation where the post backup script or clear backup mode script didn't complete properly and our enterprise vault environment remained in backup mode during production hours impacting certain functionality.

Coincidentally, our SCOM environment was facing certain challenges of its own so no email alert was generated during daily morning system checks.

So I think to myself, if there would've been a way to be one step ahead of situation like these and that's where I came up with a script..

What does this script do

  • The script checks for all vault stores & index locations in environment. Specifically VaultStoreName, IndexRootPathEntry, BackupMode status.
  • It writes these details into a HTML file for reference.
  • If there is any vault store or index location in backup mode when this script is configured to run, it marks them as Yellow in HTML report.
  • At end, if anything is Yellow, it generates an email with HTML report in body of message and sends them to pre-configured recipients.

How you can configure

  • The script uses Enterprise vault management shell binaries so you can run it directly from EV Management shell.
  • You can call EV Management shell in a batch file and configure a scheduled task or job using same.

Things you can enhance

  • You can integrate the script along with your pre/post backup scripts and make appropiate changes in conditiional parameters (For example if you want warning message when backup mode is ON or OFF or both times)

I've attached the PS1, bat file and a sample HTML report for reference. Hope you find this helpful.




nice work. thanks for sharing this.

thanks !