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There's a known problem in the API Runtime installer (NOT the EV Server installer) which can prevent some Managed assemblies from being properly registered for COM interop. This can be problematic especially if you up-or downgrade, as the assembly versions written as part of the COM registration won't be updated, so you will get errors at runtime.

This script can be run against versions from 9.0.3 onwards. It will re-register both unmanaged and managed files and report on errors.

The script includes checks for processor architecture and UAC elevation and will re-launch itself in the correct mode if needs be.

This script should not be run on an EV Server, it is only intended to be run on a standalone server which is just running the API Runtime. For example, when a 3rd party application developed by a STEP partner which integrates with Symantec Enterprise Vault needs to run on a server other than the EV Server.

If you have COM registration problems on the EV Server and need to re-register files, the server installer writes a file called FileReRegister.bat, which you can run (from an elevated cmd prompt if you have UAC enabled) to re-register\repair any broken file registrations.


I just ran this, and it broke my Enterprise Vault Indexing. I get the error trying to place the Backup Mode on Indexing:


Unable to notify the Indexing service on the following computers:

  Computer: 'EVServer01'  Reason: Class not registered


Also getting "Failed to perform the search request." when I try searching from the Enterprisevault IIS site.

Did you run this on the EV server? The script is there to fix up a problem on machines where the API Runtime is not registering properly. The problem doesn't manifest itself on the EV Server.

What verison of EV are you running?

Guess I didn't read this fully. I was receiving a lot of DCOM errors on the EV server, and ran this. I am on version 10.0 1316

I just opened a Support Case #03273332. One of those "Should have read it better" moments.

where can i get API reference documents?

The API reference documentation and code samples is bundled inside the Enterprise Vault Software Development Kit installer package. Currently this is made available only to Symantec Development Partners via the STEP program.

If you are on the STEP program you can download the kit from, providing the appropriate serial number from the documentation you should have received from the STEP program.

Thank you. I think i'm not STEP memeber.