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Its quite common for management or other teams asking for Netbackup Policies and A netbackup admin needs to keep these details updated every time there are changes done to the policy.

I found this need to automate this task which made me to write this tool.

Details:   Generates the Backup Policy Report

Input:  Provide the O/P of bppllist -allpolicies -U

Output:   Output the details of Backup policies in excel sheet

Rename the attached file to Policy List Parser.exe and Enjoy cool
Hope you all find it useful.

Satkay Satish


Hi TequilaYu, 

I suspect permission issue in D:\ , can you try to point it to another folder instead.




Hi Satkay,

It is working properly now once created the new folder (d:\policy\) and executed.

Thank you for your reminding.


Hi Satkay,


hope you are doing well


your tool is really awesome ,i need your assistance as i have exported the txt file

bppllist -allpolicies -U


but once insert in policy eraser it through me error


run time error i am attaching the screen shot

Hi Satish,

I am getting the following error while running this on XP. Please help me to restolve this. Thanks.

Hi Tanmoy,


You may try these steps to register COMDLg32


Hi All,

When i tried to Execute the Policy List Parser.exe application, I got a Error stating as below,

"Missing Comdlg32.ocx Error While Running the Application."

Please follow the below steps to Fix this Error.


1. Download the attached COMDLG32.txt file to your desktop.

2. Rename the file as COMDLG32.OCX

3. Type SYSTEM32 in Run Command. (Ctrl + R / Start - Run)

4. Paste Comdlg32.ocx file in System32 folder and re-run the application.

Enjoy working on the application.

Dear Satkay,


i really appreciate your help on my query

i cannot run the policy list tool on my bppllist

i am attaching the txt file.please reveiew


Hi Zeeshan,

Apologies, I saw your mail but couldn't respond due to work :(

The parser cannot handle any policy without schedule and hence it error out. 

I've removed such policy and generated the report. Hope it helps.





HI Satkay,


Thank you very much :) 

it looks perfect,btw which policy was without schedule 


thank you 

Dear Satkay,


Men , I love you !!!!!!!!!!!!!! really thanks a lot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



" 1 no tool banaya dost"'s really help full & made my task easy

i wonder if you assist me to generate last backup size for all policy's with respect to there schedule

Again Thanks...!!

Thanks Satkay :)

Hi Satkay,

Can u please parse the attached files for me I am getting errors "Run time error 62: Input Past end of file"



Hi Satkay Satish,


Is this tool, still valid for 7.5?. Please let me know  as i am trying since two days but not getting the outpur, Runtime error 1004.




Has anyone tried this script

Updated to parser the calendar schedule... [ 2-March-2015]

Rename the file Policy List Parser_2_March_2015.txt to Policy List Parser_2_March_2015.exe


Hello Satkay,

Thank you for the reporting program.  Unfortunately, when I ran it and received a "Runtime error 62: Input past end of file". A check of the input file does not show any obvious issues.  See input file attached. Can you suggest anything?


Hello Satkay,

Could you share a new version of your program?

It was so helpfull for me. Thanks a lot

Do the tools support NBU 7.6.1 output? suffer Run time error 5 

Invalid procedute call or argument

Can we have "volue pool" for details in this report as it's showing empty 

Thanks Sukim for sharing

Hi Satkay,

Thank you very much for you program.

I have the error bellow when executing the program:

Subscript out of range (Error 9)

I have : Netbackup - Master Server Win2K8 R2 X64

Please find attached the output of the command: bppllist -allpolicies -U

Thank you very much for your help.



FYI, i tri to generate the report from my laptop (Win 7)

Thanks a lot for your help.





Can any one from the community help me to generate the report from the file previously attached "bppllist_elmrabti.txt ?

Thank you in advance.



Je voulais utiliser votre outils (version 0 et mars 2015) mais j'ai toujours cette erreur :

Erreur d'execution '9' :

Indice en dehors de la plage


J'ai écumé ce forum et d'autres sans trouver de solutions.


Est-ce que vous pourriez m'aider ?




Hello ,


Ive doing all the step but a the end after the excel windows promp disapear  ive got an ERROR 9


Please can you help me ? Or parse my file  ? 


Very nice work and good support !!!!


thanks and have a nice day 


Hi Satkay and All,

I tried to use "PolicyListParser_2_March_2015.exe" on my win7 (64 bit, Traditional Chinese) desktop, but always "show Run-time error '9': subscript out of range", have anyone can help idea what's wrong? Should i modify output txt or anything? Any inputs are appreciated.

Hi Jasonyang, The tool is tied to language as such it won't work on OS with language other than english.

If you still need it to be processed, either run it on machine with english as base language or provide the o/p to me & I can process it for you.





Hi Satkay,

Noted and thanks, there are 2 output files in attached file, please help me export to xls file format in your side, many thanks.


Hi Satkay,

Noted and thanks, here are 2 files for output (in attached one compressed file), please help me to convert to xls format, many thanks for your help!

Hello Sebastiendb, I send your output. Enjoy.

Thank you Satkay Satish, for this tool. In my enviroment we have around 500 policies, and with this tool I can see all the policies configured.



Hello, elmrabti. You can find the output of your file. Enjoy it!!!

I keep getting an error when I try to run it is Run-time error '429':  ActiveX component can't create object.


Any ideas?

Hi Satish,


I tried to run the tool today, before it was working for me but not today. It is giving some runtime 62 error. Can you please suggest.


It is great tool to work with and I am using it from last 1 year. Kindly help. Kindly reply me on my personal email: