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This script report the number of images the SLP have in backlog. This script is written in Perl, make sure the shebang (#!) matches your'e location of Perl.

Script will report something like this:

Backupid: =  appdkba187.acme.net_1270482460 , size: 953041
Backupid: =   tsdkba511.acme.net_1270504084 , size: 24517365
Backupid: =  webdkba778.acme.net_1270481135 , size: 1575276
Backupid: =  appdkba654.acme.net_1270487590 , size: 47559194
Images in backlog: 357 , size of backlog 6287892408 KB

If you do not wan't the images in backlog listed, but only the last line, place a #  on line 49. Expect some runtime on larger installations (2-4 minutes).

The script has been tested on Linux (SuSE 10 SP1), but should run on all UNIX flavors.

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‎04-28-2010 08:53 AM
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