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This is a very handy tool to find out detailed SharePoint Configuration and troubleshoot the issue related to configuration and backup. This tool would tell us what services are running on what servers in the SharePoint Farm and which of the servers is running the central administrator service. As we know the server running the Central Administrator Service should be the client in the backup policy for SharePoint Agent for NetBackup.

Apart for giving the detailed permissions on lists and list items, it find out if the SQL is Clustered, Does SharePoint setup is pushing data to the BLOB store.

This gives out details on Web Applications, Site Collections,  Subsites, Farm Administrators, Shared Service Applications, SharePoint Help Search Service and Shared Services (MOSS 2007)

Imagine the effort it takes to manually check all this information on the SharePoint farm and note it down. This has all been automated in this tool.


spprobe2007 [-help] [-farm] [-granular] [-webapp ["url"] ] [-sql] [-services] [-listitems] [-help] [-user ["userAccount"] ] [-servapp] [-farmadmins].

-help : Provides help on the tool usage.

-farm : Gets information about the compete SharePoint farm.

-granular : Gets detailed information about the compete SharePoint farm.

-webapp : Provides information about the webapp specified as the next argument.

-sql : Opens up an SQL interface to write queries to interact with SQL backend.

-services : Provides the list of services running on each server in the farm.

-listitems : Gets detailed information all items in the list, including permissions.

-user : Validates if the passed user is a Farm Administrator.

-servapp : Gets detailed information of Shared Service Applications along with Service Application Database access and status.

-farmadmins : Get the list of all the farm administrators in the sharePoint farm.


For Example:

 Environment Status

SharePoint Version and Patch Level :

Servers in the farm

Server <MAIDEN> Status : Online

Central Administration service is running on server : MAIDEN

User Context : MAIDEN\Administrator

Is Current user Administrator of server farm : True



1.Web Application : SharePoint - 10706

  Authentication Mode : Windows

  Application Pool Username : NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE

  Number of Content Databases in Web Application : 1


 1.Content DB Name : SharedServicesContent_9fd0914c-5bf5-45d4-aa4a-93c74eadbfc2

  Server\Instance hosting content DB : MAIDEN\OfficeServers

  SQL Version : Microsoft SQL Server 2005 - 9.00.2047.00 (Intel X86)   Apr 14 2006 01:12:25   Copyright (c) 1988-2005 Microsoft Corporation  Express Edition on Windows NT 5.2 (Build 3790: Service Pack 2)

  Content DB size : 19.31 MB

  Content DB Filegroup : PRIMARY

  Content DB physical location: c:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office Servers\12.0\Data\MSSQL.4\MSSQL\DATA\SharedServicesContent_9fd0914c-5bf5-45d4-aa4a-93c74eadbfc2.mdf

  Log File physical location: c:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office Servers\12.0\Data\MSSQL.4\MSSQL\DATA\SharedServicesContent_9fd0914c-5bf5-45d4-aa4a-93c74eadbfc2_log.LDF

  Content DB Recovery Model : SIMPLE

  Content DB Status : ONLINE

  Content DB User Access : MULTI_USER

  Is SQL Instance Clustered : Not Clustered

  Number of site collections in content DB : 1


  1. Site Collection Url : http://maiden:10706/ssp/admin

     Host Header  : False

     Owner : MAIDEN\administrator

     Primary Admin Name : MAIDEN\administrator

     Secondary Admin Name : Not Set

     Read Locked : False

     Write Locked : False

     Read Only : False

     Lists Count : 10


     There are 1 subsite(s) under site collection http://maiden:10706/ssp/admin


     1.Sub Site : http://maiden:10706/ssp/admin/Content

         Default master page : /ssp/admin/Content/_catalogs/masterpage/default.master

         Author : MAIDEN\administrator

         Has unique permissions set : True

         Site Administrators : MAIDEN\Administrator

         Lists Count : 2



Stay Tuned for spprobe2010.exe in my next download post.

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