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What would you recommend to partners working on specializations?

Level 3


This is a question for partners who have already achieved one or more specializations. What do you recommend to those partners who aren't yet specialized? In your experience, what's the best way to start? Which tools did you find helpful (or not)?


Level 6

#1, SMB Specialization.  Not sure what the EMEA rules are but in the US, it only takes a few hours to complete by even a sales/account manager.  But the rewards are huge.  Deal reg, NFR software, additional margin, and more..  I was told you even get access to EV with basic support too! 

#2, next once you have the above, look into either NBU or Enterprise Vault if your customer base uses it, or your target accounts need it.  Granted these products require more technical resources, and much time invested, but the rewards from there from services and hardware sales will be HUGE.  

#3, encryption products going forward for the next few years with various state, country, and other laws/compliance/regulations that will mandate this going forward...  PGP will have an official cert track I believe in Feb 2011, as well as being Symantec SKU'd and rewards program eligible..


Ultimately, the best way to learn these items are hands on, and the #1 will get you the software.  The exams for SMB specialization are all sales focused, with little technical knowledge needed, and there are training tracks on

Level 3

Thanks, teiva-boy. You mentioned that achieving the specialization was quick, and best done with hands on experience. How long did it take you to achieve it?