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Focus Supervisory Review on Relationships That Count

Level 1

When we talk about Information Governance, we emphasize the importance of classification of content, effective policy creation, and the positive impacts these can have on the organization by reducing content retained and providing visibility into higher quality content for review. Using these processes to improve the quality of the content provided to sample or search is a great start to alleviate the load on reviewers, however it leaves out the important “human factor” of relevancy. What makes content more important to one reviewer compared to another?

Relationships are key to properly evaluating risk, even when classification and retention policies are properly used. Compliance policies aren’t meant to be changed frequently, so it becomes a challenge to balance auditor-verifiable elements such as lexicons with the ever-changing relationships within an enterprise. Reviewers are vital to providing real interpretation of compliant communications. If Joe in Sales communicates with Sally in M&A, does this relationship constitute additional compliance risk to the organization? If yes, then the reviewer should be able to inject their opinion that the relationship is relevant to the review process with the desire to prioritize future communications between these individuals. If a broker is communicating with the review team directly, this might be interpreted as non-relevant communication, as the reviewer is already involved. They might not even need to review the communication for a second time.

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Intelligent Review enables reviewers to easily provide feedback into the process and influence what they see first without altering compliance policies. Items classified with a policy violation and a relevant prioritization from Intelligent Review can receive the quick, decisive attention they deserve. Items sampled with no policy violations and determined non-relevant by Intelligent Review can be pushed to the bottom of the stack as they present reduced risk to the organization. As relationships change, so can Intelligent Review with no additional effort from the reviewer aside from properly evaluating the content as they always have. Would you like to see more relevant content in addition to the percentage of e-mail already sampled? Since the process helps reviewers to be more efficient, Intelligent Review can also retrieve additional relevant items for their review while still maintaining the required sampling percentage.


Enterprise Vault 12 and Compliance Accelerator make it easier for reviewers to fulfill their job requirements by managing the ever-growing volume of regulated content, ensuring they see the most important content first.