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Enterprise Data Services Community Blog
Enterprise Data Services Community Blog is the perfect place to share short, timely insights including product tips, news and other information relevant to the community.

Blog Articles

Enterprise Vault - Getting Started

It occurred to me just the other day that my blog has a whole variety of information on it relating to Enterprise Vault, but quite a bit of it is at a deep technical level. I mean, there is nothing wh...


What is the Enterprise Vault Outlook Add-in?

One of the things that is mentioned a lot on these forums is the Enterprise Vault Outlook Add-in. But what is it? In a nutshell the Enterprise Vault Outlook Add-in provides a number of abilities to Ou...


What is a Placeholder?

It is a term that many people in Enterprise Vault will know about. It is used in Enterprise Vault File System Archiving, but even if you don't use FSA then you may still know what it is. Essentially i...