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EV Cloud to Mimecast Migration

Hi all,

We are planning a migration from our current tenant to Mimecast archiving. As per company policy we're only required to migrate 7 years worth of emails, however at various stages in the last 7 years, data has been ingested into from the now decommisioned EV on-premise. 

Reports against the last 7 years worth of data yields the ingested components as well, which contains data that is mostly outside the 7 year scope and not required.

Is there a method to query just the true size of data for the 7 year period?

I've highlighted the years in which data was ingested in provided screenshot.




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Re: EV Cloud to Mimecast Migration

Sorry to hear you plan to leave Curious to know why?

We have a service at Trace3 to help customers migrate archived data. Have you figured out yet how you're going to approach this?