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Anyone remember this offline vault problem with Outlook 2002?

Level 6

We're using EV8.0 and Outlook 2002/XP with the 7.5 add-in. It all works well... except for the offline vault option.

Problem is that every time we go offline, the offline vault setup wizard runs. Even if we go through it, it pops up the next time. Strange thing is that all the messages appear to have been dwonloaded; the offline archive explorer works and we can open archived messages when not connected to the network.

The log files say that the trawling hasn't completed. But it's been several days. Done the reset cache to no avail.

We have reproduced this on several PCs and reckon we can do it on demand. There's nothing special on the XP PCs or with the Outlook installation.

Upgrading to Outlook 2003 is not an option at the moment. We've got several hundred portable users so need to get this working as advertised.


- Alan.

Level 6
What Servie pack level of the add-in are you using? There was a issue that I believe was fixed in the client version 2007 Sp4 and above, but this was not specific to Outlook version.

Level 6
We're using the very latest (for Outlook XP) : 7.5.5.

Level 6
Sounds as if it needs to be tested by Symantec to see if it can be reproduced inhouse.  I would recommned that you gather the following and log a case.

1: Set up a test account with only a few items archived.

2: Configure offline Vault online whilst capturing in a client trace. Leave the client trace running for about an hour to ensure nothing is missed and this is more than enough time to sync a few items and complete a trawl.

3: Restart Outlook offline and get a screesnhot and new client trace.

4: Get the Outlook version number from help about.

5: Get a Deployment Scanner CAB file as well from EV Server test user setup on. Answer the queries below, and gather other offline vault info in PDF linked below, that is not already mentioned.

1: Open the Vault Administration Console and select Tools from the menu. 
Ensure Advanced Features is checked. 
In the left hand menu expand EV Servers and left click, right click on the Enterprise Vault Server that is   xperiencing the issue.  Select Deployment Scanner from the menu. 
Follow the wizard through collecting data and email the CAB file. By default this will be located in C:\Program Files\Enterprise Vault.
2. Please provide a general explanation of the problem
3. How many users are affected?
4. Is the environment that the problem is occurring in new?
5. When did the problem start?
6. Were any changes made to the environment leading up to this problem?