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Discovery Accelerator exports.... .msg vs .eml

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I'm working with EV 12.5.3 and Discovery Accelerator 12 doing some searches for our legal department.  I'm having problems with the resulting PST files that I am exporting from DA.  Some of the messages in the resulting PST cannot be opened in the Outlook preview pane.  The displayed error is "This file cannot be previewed because there is no previewer installed for it".  

Upon closer inspection, I'm seeing that all of the messages that can't be viewed in the preview pane are actually in the generic .eml format and NOT in Outlooks native .msg format. After doing some research, I believe this is happening because we switched from Exchange journal mailbox targeted archiving to SMTP archiving last fall.  All the more recent messages look to be the ones in .eml format.

The problem is that, due to how our legal department is reviewing these search results (NOT in DA unfortunately), having to open every individual message in its own window instead of viewing it in the Outlook preview pane causes a huge increase in the amount of time it takes them to perform their review.

Has anyone run into this problem before with .eml formatted messages, and do you have any creative solutions to this problem... something like a different export method, an add-in for outlook that can preview .eml's, maybe using a different mail client to review in?  While i'm fairly certain the answer will probably be "Do your reviews in DA", there are other reasons why that is not feasible at the time that I won't get into here.  Hoping to get some input from other community members on this problem and see if anyone has any ideas.  

Thanks everyone!




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Hello Matt, interesting. Can you confirm you use 12.5.3 also for DA? That issue should have been fixed (or better, a 'workaround' should be available). See Items archived via EV SMTP and exported by the Accelerators into PST files cannot be previewed in Ou...

There should be an option to 'convert eml to msg' somewhere. It might be worth a support-call.

Regards. Gertjan