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Archive EML/MSG Files into EV

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With resent events where Enterprise vault .cloud being shutdown in South Africa we are now facing a huge task ahead of us, We need to know what would be the best way of rehydrating the EML’s that are presented to the client back into Enterprise Vault on premise


We have test the option of using Enterprise Vault SMTP to rehydrate the EML’s but we need to know what are the limitations. We need to know would it be possible to re-hydrate 1TB of data a day back into Enterprise vault as we are looking at rehydrating 300TB


Your Input and assistance would be greatly appreciated


Thank you


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Hello, interesting.

Is the shutdown initiated by Veritas? or the Government? Either way, I think you should work with Veritas (call support, or your SE, or program manager) to see what they can do. I have heard of a company usnig smtp archiving, using 3 servers only, and ingesting 5 million messages per day. That ofcourse is 'live' journal items. In your case, you need to be able to get the data from the cloud, and the speed might be an issue.

Again, talk with Veritas.

Regards. Gertjan