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Centera Compliance Plus mode and mailbox archiving

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Need some advice please.

Have an existing Centera in Governance mode which allows end users to delete mailbox archived items themselves. Journaled items are currently deleted via the Storage Expiry process.

If we switch over to Compliance Plus mode, does that mean end users will not be allowed to delete mailbox archived items themselves, and storage expiry will delete mailbox archvived items based on retention, just like for journaled items?

i.e. is it possible to have a Centera in Compliance Plus mode expiring journaled items based on retention, while still allowing end users to delete mailbox archived items?

Or is the best way to accomplish this is by having 2 Centeras, one in Governance mode for mailbox archiving, and one in Compliance Plus mode for journaling?





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i think this technote might help:

How Retention values for Archived items from Enterprise Vault (EV) are applied, identified and enforced in a Centera Storage Device using EMC Governance or Compliance Edition Plus Models.

Article:TECH78150  |  Created: 2009-01-18  |  Updated: 2013-02-20  |  Article URL

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Thanks, I've read that article before. My questions still stand though - are mailbox archived items in Compliance Plus mode treated exactly the same way as journaled items, and can only be deleted via Storage Expiry?

i.e. if the Desktop archiving policy is set to Shortcut Deletion - "Both Deleted" - does this delete the item from a Compliance Plus mode Centera?