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Duplicate items after restore to original mailbox

Level 4

Hey guys,

one of our customers will discontinue our services, so we want to export their archives to their original mailboxes.
So I started test exports for roughly 8 users. The process correctly places the orgininal items in the correct subfolder, it replaces all the shortcuts, BUT... not only by one rather than two items!

I followed these instructions...

and in advance I disabled the users for archiving at least one night before.

Just as a hint, for sure I know the possibility to delete the shortcuts in the Outlook mailbox by searching for the message class.
But this is not a fluent process as we are talking here about 1000 users.

Any idea how this can happen?

Kind reagrds,




Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified

Sounds like issue listed in following Tech note
"Exporting archived items to original mailbox does not always replace shortcut/stub"

Level 4

Yes, but not comprehensively. The article mentions that sometimes a shortcut is not deleted and addtionaly the orgininal item is placed in the mailbox.

In my case the shortcut is deleted always and I receive two full mail items which will double the size.

And this does not occur sometimes, but for each single item.