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EV 11.0.1 CHF5; MS Offcat Tool EV Add-In

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Hello together,

a customer perfomed a Microsoft Offcat analyze ( on several clients. In the offcat report he can see the following about the enterprise vault Add-In:

The 'EnterpriseVault.DesktopUI' add-in was found in DoNotDisableAddinList in the registry. This add-in was originally disabled by Outlook, but has been subsequently re-enabled by you. If Outlook is slow, unresponsive or crashing, you might want to disable this add-in.

It seems, that the add-in makes outlook "slow" and the add-in is temporary disabled. The customer told me that outlooks stucks several times.

Outlook version:  Outlook 2016
Exchange version: Exchange 2016
Add-In version: 12.2.0


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Hi there,

Are there other Add-ins within Outlook?

What is the AV used?


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With default settings, the EV Outlook Add-in will add itself to this DoNotDisableAddinList to prevent Outlook from disabling it due to speed of startup. You can control this via the Exchange Desktop Policy. On the Advanced tab, list settings from Outlook, and modify the "Automatically re-enable Outlook add-in" setting. Synchronize mailbox and restart Outlook for the change to take effect.

This article has more information on when and why Outlook disables add-ins.