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EVault 10 to 11 CHF5 Database Upgrade

Level 2

I made a huge mistake and didn't run the EVDatabaseUpgrader after upgrading to version 11.  Then, I installed CHF5.  This time I went to run the upgrader and it failed.  What should I do about getting it upgraded to version 11?  Uninstall CHF5 and repair the 11 install?  Or, does someone have a more clever way of accomplishing this?  (Single EVault server and single DB server)  Many thanks in advance.


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Hello Donore.

You might be able to get it fixed by performing the below:

Restore the EV10 databases.

re-Install EV11.0.1 - run the databaseupgrader

start the services, verify they start without issues.

upgrade to chf5 - follow process.


I am not sure you can 'rollback' the chf5 changes. I would personally rather restore the databases from before the upgrade, perform the ev11.0.1 upgrade, then upgrade to chf5

There might be another 'trick', but you should need to call Veritas Support if they know a way.

Good luck.



Regards. Gertjan

Level 2

Theoretically, the databases were not touched since I never got the database upgrade to run.  Should I just do another in-place upgrade to version 11 on the EVault server?  Do I need to uninstall the CHF5 hotfix from the Control Panel before doing that?  I reached out to support, but haven't heard back from anyone just yet.

Level 6
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Did you attempt to start the EV services at all. Skipping the databaseupgrader doesnt mean you didnt upgrade them, it just means you didnt use the new way of upgrading the databases. If you started the EV services since you upgraded then the database upgrade started against the DBs at some point, check your event log for any information of EV database upgrades. 



Level 2

I had all of the services started, but when I run the EVDatabaseUpgrader, it fails and shows that my DBs are on version 10.x.  It looks like they just never upgraded at all.