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Custodian Manager - Upgrade Issue

Level 4

I recently upgraded my Enterprise Vault servers from 12.4 to 14.1.

I do have one error that I can't clear.

It pertains to the Discovery Accelerator.

When you launch the Enterprise Vault Accelerator Manager (http://localhost/EVBAAdmin/), you see the following:

Customer Database updated to version 14.10002.
Before upgrade, the synchronization account did not have Read Property and List Content permissions on the Deleted Objects container in Active Directory. Assign these permissions to ensure that Custodian Manager synchronizes correctly with Active Directory. For instructions on how to set the permissions, see the "Installing Discovery Accelerator" chapter of the Installation Guide.

I didn't change the account and I did verify that the permissions are set - but I still have this error.

Any ideas?


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Hello Dan,

I believe this is an 'informational', although incorrect, warning. If I recall correct, by default, the VSA does not have the permissions on the specific "Deleted Objects container in Active Directory". That in itself is not an issue. If the requested permissions are set, it means Custodian Manager can mark custodians as 'inactive'. I run my CM without this permission, without issues.

Regards. Gertjan