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Enterprise Vault 14.4 upgrade using SSMW with Dell ECS

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Hi all

Has anyone yet completed an EV upgrade with ECS S3 storage being used as the Archive partitions.

I'm planning on using SSMW as I'll also be migrating Windows from 2012 to Windows 2019 and I know the SSMW procedure very well. What I'm asking is if there are any differences or additional steps required when making sure the new EV vm has visibility of the archive partitions? Typically with SAN storage it's just a case or presenting the luns to the new server(s) or detaching\attaching the VMDKs to the new server(s).

Is there anything I should do on the new servers or the ECS for this environment? I believe I need to copy the 'Pea' file across and also install the latest ECS streamer - is that correct? and is that all that's needed??

kind regards



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Hello KL,

I have no experience with such a configuration. I do have extensive experience with EV ;)

Based on your entry, I believe that getting the PEA file, and installing the streamer (which is necessary to allow EV to connect to the device), is all that is needed to prepare for SSMW. As the actual configuration of the locations is in the EVDB, it should (...) work. You'll see fast enough if it does not.

I'm interested to hear if you succeeded, please post back.

Regards. Gertjan