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Enterprise Vault Conriguration Reporter (EVCR) for 12.3

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I wanted to see if anyone knew of where to get the download Enterprise Vault Configuration Reporter (EVCR) for Enterprise Vault 12.3 ?

Thanks in advance!


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Hello, @kyuen –

I recommend you post your question to the Enterprise Vault Discussion Forum in the VOX Community for the swiftest response; it is accessible via Information Governance:

Kindly –
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I have seen a lot of these threads for the EVCR lately that implied that it had not been updated recently and is not an official tool. I got the impression that it was a field enablement tool that was available through some TAMs to some people and the latest version was not current (I want to say 12.2). My flawed memory also recalls reading recently that someone tried the most recent version in 12.3 and nearly everything worked (I want to say there was an issue with SMTP archiving reporting). All of this from a pretty flawed memory but if you make me dig references I am betting I can find them. I also may have never seen it... but it sounds like a cool utility.