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Enterprise Vault UK Engineering Team update

Level 3


As you may know, Veritas has now closed down the UK Enterprise Vault engineering office,letting go many EV engineers including all of the remaining original engineers.  Some development now continues at the secondary location.

It's a time of mixed emotions, engineers knew the writing was on the wall as more and more customers see that solutions like Office 365 can deliver most of their needs, compared to what Exchange on-prem offered when they originally signed up with Enterprise Vault years ago.

To think that an idea from Nigel Dutt and Derek Allan, a single PPT slide, and worked on by 'just a bunch of engineers' in Reading UK ends up generating billions of dollars, affecting the careers and lives of so many people, and creating lifelong friendships along the way is quite awe inspiring and something we will always be very very very proud of.  Perhaps it helped to put a few people in jail by what it found too, who knows :)

It always was and remains the market leader, something all of the team,engineering,PM and Sales is very very proud of and long may that continue.  

I left the team 6 years ago, now working as Product Manager at TransVault where we develop a product used by many many Enterprise Vault customers to move to Office 365 so perhaps we'll speak again.


Mike BIlsborough

Former 50% of Enterprise Vault  QA Team

Former 50% of worldwide Enterprise Vault Support 24x7 support

Former resolver of 1000's of support issues

Former Support Manager, 

Former Escalations Team Manager

Former Director of Customer Experience

Current: Still proud of all we achieved.









Partner    VIP    Accredited Certified

Hi Mike, 

What a story!

It's also sad indeed, but I am sure the future has something even better for all of you folks that were part of the EV team.

Good luck and all the best!


Partner    VIP    Accredited Certified

I fully agree. Well said Mike.

It'll be 'interesting' to see if Microsoft ever comes close to what EV has to offer.

Regards. Gertjan

I fully agree. I hope everyone is okay.

Working for