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Enterprise vault shortcuts directed to the wrong server

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We're currently migrating users to a new domain and a lot of users find that they can't access archived emails. When checking I see that even though the archive for the user is still in the original server and migration for the archive has not even been set yet(mailbox already migrated) the shortcut in the user's outlook is already pointing to the new server.
Is there a way to set the outlook add on to the original EV server?

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Do you have an EV in the new domain, or are you targeting the new domain with the same EV?

If you have an EV in the new domain, I bet you're archiving from the moved mailbox to the new domain. Have you tried an 'old' shortcut? What does a user see in Archive Explorer? Does archive explorer show the 'new' or the 'old' EV?

What you need to keep in mind, is that access to the archive is based on the logged on (to windows) user. In your case, as you moved users to a new domain, the probably also have a new login (like old\user became new\user). I assume you have a 2-way trust. I am pretty sure if you give account new\user full permission on the archive, users will see the archive again.

Worth a shot.

Regards. Gertjan

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Did you try setting this thing the WebAppURL value in the policy as shown in the attachment?