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Local Languages for the Vault Cache Folder in Outlook

Level 6

I'm currently involved a roll-out of new client machines and. after downloading the Vault Cache, I noticed a Portugese language machine displays "Cofre - mailboxname" in place of "Vault - mailboxname" in the Outlook Folder list.

I've built lots of different language machines and they have all previously displayed "Vault - mailboxname".

"Cofre" translates as "Chest" or "Safe" and it got me wondering which other languages would be displayed and the local names for "Vault".

Anyone have a list or know where to find them?


Level 6

Based on the different language resource DLLs that are installed with the client, these are the languages for which the Outlook Add-in is customized in some way. Whether every one of them uses a native word for "Vault" in the navigation pane, I have not tested and cannot say; there may be languages in which it is more natural to use "Vault" as a loanword than to substitute a native word.

LCID             Name             DisplayName
----             ----             -----------
6                da               Danish
7                de               German
9                en               English
10               es               Spanish
12               fr               French
13               he               Hebrew
14               hu               Hungarian
16               it               Italian
17               ja               Japanese
18               ko               Korean
19               nl               Dutch
21               pl               Polish
1046             pt-BR            Portuguese (Brazil)
25               ru               Russian
29               sv               Swedish
2052             zh-CN            Chinese (Simplified, PRC)
1028             zh-TW            Chinese (Traditional, Taiwan)

This PowerShell will show you which languages are installed on your system/version:

Get-ChildItem -Directory -Path 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Enterprise Vault\EVClient\Languages\' | ForEach-Object {[System.Globalization.CultureInfo]($_.Name)}