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Migrate EMC Centera to Hitachi HCP

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we are planning to move our EMC Centera to a new Hitachi HCP storage system.
In EV we have the following archives in use:

Exchange Mailbox Archives
Exchange SMTP Journal
Sharepoint Archives
FSA Archives

All users use the Vault Cache on their clients. 
We use EV 12.2 on Windows 2012 R2 MS Cluster and HyperV machines.
TBs to move: 20 - 25 TB

Are there any "best practice" suggestions for this procedure?
We have no plans to buy 3rd party products like "Archive Shuttle" or something like that.
Is it possible to do this only with native tools from EV?


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Hi there,

I'm afraid you will have to use some 3rd party tools because the “Move Archive” feature, introduced with Enterprise Vault 8.0 SP4, allows you to move contents of Exchange (and Domino) mailbox and journal archives only.

Move Archive feature overview:

For the SharePoint and FSA archives, you may have to use a 3rd party tool from TransVaultQuatrotech or other vendors.


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I'm afraid 3rd party software is the best and fastest option. QT used to have a storage migration tool available, also Interlock seems to be possible.

If you do not mind migrating the archives will take a year, then use EV move archive.


Regards. Gertjan

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As a representative of Veritas, I wish I could charge in here and tell you "No, no, the native tools will serve you well for this!" But that's...not true.

For 20-25 TB and the variety of archive types you mentioned, this really is more than the native stuff is designed for. You will not regret the decision to go with a partner product for this project.



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If I remember correctly, FSA archives can't be moved between storage types. For the rest, Quadrotech is likely your best bet.

Be aware, though that Centera is not a speed daemon and it's usually won't give you more than 1 Gbps throughput minus all neccessary overhead.

Move Archive will work too and it's free but slooooooooooowwwwwwww

Hi @all,

thanks for your replys. 

Does it mean that we cannot migrate the FSA and Sharepoint archives with native and 3rd party tooles like archive shuttle?
How can i migrate those archive types?