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Enterprise Vault Server Settings Migration wizard

Can the Enterprise Vault 12.2 Server Settings Migration wizard (Article ID:100038733) be used to migrate to Enterprise Vault 12.3. The source is Enterprse VaULT 11.0.1. Available instructions, downloads and related articles only list EV11.0.1, EV 12....

Ptolemee by Level 4
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Enable email archive for a share account

Hi ,Please be informed that our email archiving policy is auto archive emails which older then 30 days and Outlook will create a Vault to show the archive emails. we have a share account (call "shareaccount_1") and user "user_1" has permission to acc...

Y1251 by Level 5
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Exchange Migration from 2010 to 2016

Hi AllWe are considering migration from Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2016 and EV is 12.2.2.If we are to migrate mailboxes in a phased manner with a parallel environment of both Exchange 2010 and 2016, what changes are to be made in Enterprise Vault?I be...

Resolved! Vault store partition

I'm creating a new Vault Store Partition to replace my existing one. I have 2 EV servers one for archives and one for journaling. I currently have 2 vault stores, one for mailbox archives and one for journaling archives, I would be creating a new pat...

Resolved! Exchange OWA url change => No EV Entries in the menu ?

Hi everybody,Exchange 2010 / EVault v10.0.1.1189Recently we change url of our owa from to CAS servers remain the same, its just the OWA url that has been modified.Despite of that, when we access t...

domus by Level 3
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Stuck PST Migration

We're nearly done migrating the PSTs in our company into EV. There are about 20 entries though that show as "migrating" which have completely stalled out for various reasons (computer swaps, remote worker, etc) and probably won't ever complete. When ...

TJensen by Level 4
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Powershell to import multiple PSTS

HiI have been looking to imports hundreds of PSTs that are stored on a flat file system. I ended up developing a powershell script to perform the job.It takes a template ini file or an existing ini file as input. Based on the type of ini file provide...

Resolved! SMTP - Journal Delay

Hello all, EV12.3 - for Journal Mailbox archiving, there is a setting called Journal Delay, which basically makes the archiving task wait for an x-period to see if more messages with the same message id arrive, so they can be grouped. When using SMTP...

GertjanA by Moderator
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command to delete a folder in vault

Hi,May I know is any command to permanentyly delete a folder in Vault in EV server? Since I have a user who has 30K email in this folder and he doesn't do it in Outlook.  

Y1251 by Level 5
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Could not contact the EV web server

I am getting the "Could not contact the EV web server" error when try to open EV in a citrix environment. This is working fine in windows 2012r2 machine, but having the error in windows 7 xendesktop environment. When we click on Symentec Enterprise V...

rony012 by Level 1
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Resolved! EV, single instancing, sharing and retention

Hi,assume that i have two vault stores with partitions in it. One store contains a partition on NetApp with Snaplock (name it SnaplockPartition) and the other store contains a partition without Snaplock activated (name it  RegularPartition).Both Vaul...

Jakob by Level 5
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EV Locator Task Path does not exist

Hello together,a customer is facing a strange behaviour. In Locator Task settings he includes search paths. (H:\PST_Userfiles_MIGRATION)After the processing the PSTLocTask report and dtrace are showing the following:Search behavior for computer Compu...

EV 12.3 released

FYI Enterprise Vault 12.3 is released today! This version has some great additional features. Some are: SMTP User Provisioning, SMTP Scale-Out more simple, Priveledged delete in DA (to be able to comply to some GDPR definitions), classification defin...

GertjanA by Moderator
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Enterprise Vault Restore Issues

Have a very strange problem regarding EV v11.0.0.1470.My task is to restore all archived EV data to a new share. I am running the following FSAUtility commands:FSAUTILITY -t -s "\\oldserver\share" -d "\\newserver\share" -l 0 FSAUtility runs and resto...

Resolved! SQL Database Migration

We will be migrating SQL databases to a new server as per: The migration will be done in batches of 3-4 databases per day.My question is do we need to stop the services or just putting the v...